Research & Development

Research & Development

MTS Loadframe

The MTS load frame has a capacity of +/- 100kN and is the benchmark equipment for aerospace and automotive tension and compression testing. Within the motorsport industry typical applications for this type of machine are –

  • Proof testing of suspension components and other structures.
  • Fatigue testing of suspension components and other structures.
  • Material testing.
  • Rating of spring elements and development of specific load / deflection characteristics. The machine is controlled using MTS MPE (Multi-Purpose Elite) software which facilitates creative test design and execution allowing tailored loading profiles in either force or displacement control and multi-channel data logging.

Torsion Testing

Full vehicle (axle to axle) and any sub structure (monocoque only for example) can be torsion tested using a +/- 10kN servo hydraulic actuator mounted on a 12 tonne floor plate in conjunction with a 1.5 tonne angle plate / strong wall. Displacements are measured using potentiometers allowing dynamic loading and data recording facilitating the identification of any rate effects for instance.

Suspension Compliance Testing

Suspension installed vertical, toe, camber and castor compliance can all be measured using the servo hydraulic actuator and potentiometers. Again, this allows not only static load / placement measurement but also dynamic measurement where rate effects might be of interest.

Brake Rig

The static brake rig mounts a full car brake system (pedal, master cylinders, balance bar, callipers, discs, hoses and sensors) onto a bench and the pedal is driven from the servo hydraulic actuator. Any braking profile can then be applied to the actuator (including track playback) allowing investigation of system parameters such as response, stiffness, bias migration etc. Typical sensors used on this rig include master cylinder pressure,

master cylinder displacement, calliper pressure, actuator displacement and actuator force.

Laser Scanning

Utilising a FARO Design arm with integrated measurement probe, both 3D surfaces and conventional measurement can be made of motorsport components. This can be used as a validation tool or as a key stage in the reverse engineering process.

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