Blog 02 Aug 2018

Hitech Technologies announce new partnership with Orange Bikes

Hitech Technologies are proud to announce a new partnership with Orange Bikes, a British bicycle manufacturer specialising in a range of road, mountain and e-bikes. Orange Bikes will be working closely with Hitech Technologies to support their development on OEM, motorsport and niche vehicle projects.

With around thirty years of expertise in advanced technological development, Orange Bikes will further Hitech Technologies’ scope of projects and fuel innovation. Formula Three is a technologically advanced sport, requiring first-class expertise and innovation to stay competitive as a team and achieve victory. The ability to develop new processes in-house is often what sets teams apart, making technological development crucial for success within motorsport.

With more than thirty years of Formula One expertise, Mark Smith, Head of R&D operations at Hitech Technologies added: “Our partnership with Orange Bikes will allow us to apply the most relevant areas of motorsport technology in support of the development of a leading British brand, whilst at the same time extending our own in-house engineering and testing capabilities.”

Hitech GP Team Principal, Oliver Oakes, commented: “We are excited to collaborate with Orange Bikes throughout the season. We will be able to advance our technological development within Hitech Technologies to further our success both on and off track.”    

Ashley Ball, Managing Director at Orange Bikes, added: “We are excited to be entering into a technological collaboration with Hitech GP. We are huge motorsport fans and the innovation that Mark, Oliver and their team are now bringing to Formula 3 is plain to see.”

“Working with the Hitech GP team in our Strange development program will be invaluable. In our 30th year of building performance bikes, we understand our craft implicitly, yet we are always learning, refining and looking ahead. And in that respect, we find ourselves on the same page as Hitech GP.

With so many new arenas opening up in the world of cycling, our thirst for innovation has never been greater. With our design teams’ knowledge of materials and the performance testing facilities available at Hitech GP, this meeting of minds is exactly what we’ve been hoping to bring to the creative mix at Orange for some time, and now that time is right.

Our aim, as ever, is to be at the forefront of the performance curve with our road and mountain bikes which now include e-bikes with power-assist systems and emerging battery technologies; nothing is off-limits. With additional data metrics to build on, we’re sure of a fruitful future for Hitech GP and Orange Bikes.” 

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