We help teams and organisations in motorsport and other sectors with a wide range of technology consultancy services. By applying the experience gained during Hitech GP’s decade of operations, and the wealth of knowledge amassed by its specialists over many years in motorsport engineering, we provide efficient, expert, and collaborative solutions to diverse customers and partners.


Our core competencies:



All aspects of composite and mechanical design to meet stringent safety, weight, and durability requirements.


Component Testing

We take on a wide range of rig and structural testing, including bed plate work, torsion analysis, and suspension sweep testing, up to 15 tons.


Non-Destructive Testing

A key competence of our Technologies team, whose expertise is in demand across a number of other race teams in a variety of disciplines.


Consultancy Services

We collaborate on a wide range of customer projects, either in part or as a full end to end solution, providing change management, advisory services, and innovation.


If you would like to discuss how Hitech Technologies can support your requirements, please get in touch by email: enquiries@technologies.hitechgp.co.uk to arrange a consultation.

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